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Chapel Hill Christian Academy's
dream of a Pre-K through 12th grade campus
is coming to fruition!
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Brick by Brick, Chapel Hill is Rising! 

Through your prayers and generosity, we are here. God has revealed our future home to us and we are now able to move forward in attaining our land in order to begin planning for the construction of CHCA's Lower and Upper School Campus! God has revealed our future home to us, 56 acres in the heart of Sango! This is a historical moment in our school's foundation and for our future. God is calling us to something greater. Placing decisions and opportunities in front of us that will impact the next generations. Our children and those to come will reap the benefits of the seeds we plant today- the decisions we are making- the challenges we face together. 


We see and believe in the ways God is working through CHCA. We believe our calling is to partner with families in the teaching of their children by providing an education that is distinctively Christian, academically excellent, Biblically saturated and service and mission oriented.  We are inviting you to partner with us in the work God is doing here.


becomE one of our Founding Families.

The investment and commitment of becoming a Founding Family will impact our school by giving us the ability to move forward with the vision of our PK-12th grade campus. Our hope is that at least 250 families will say yes. Can you or someone you know invest $250 a month for three years, yearly donation of $3,000, or a one time donation of $9,000?  

You can also donate by check by making a pledge to CHCA below! 


Families that are able to give this gift will have the opportunity to have their name engraved on a brick that will go on the main entrance of the campus! We want to acknowledge the Founding Families of CHCA on our archway entrance. You were there at the beginning of the school's foundation and we want your name to welcome families to our campus for years to come. Be a part of what God has done and will do for our school, for the children, and for our community!  

Brick by Brick, CHCA is RISING! #chapelhillrises #brickbybrick

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Our Vision

As we continue praying through the next steps for our school, we are focusing on the mission and vision God has given Chapel Hill. We are leading the next generation of police officers, doctors, missionaries, teachers, pastors, and business owners. Our dream is to see our oldest students graduating from CHCA in 2028. It is our desire to train them up both academically and spiritually, so that we may send them out to love and serve their city and beyond.

We are dreaming and planning towards the future home of CHCA, a campus that gives the ability for a PK-12th grade community. Architect, Josh Wright, is taking the vision God has given us for our Pre-K through 12th grade campus and turning it into reality.


Our focus on Him is reflected in the design of the physical campus as well. The CHCA Chapel will be the focal point of our campus. What we love most about our future Chapel is the large windows with natural light, the tall white walls and the wood grain pews. This creates a reverent space for students to meet with the Lord.


We pray that our future Chapel will be filled with His presence. That it will be a place our CHCA Family will come together to praise and worship our Father. May our Chapel be a place where students start each day with the opportunity to pray together and to learn who Jesus is, centering our day around God.

The future home of CHCA is also well-rounded with athletics, clubs, academics, yet always maintains the focus on Him. CHCA is mission and service oriented, with a desire to be a place that cultivates lifelong learners who are shaping and influencing this world for Christ.


We want our students to grow and learn not only inside their classrooms, but also outdoors in a farm-like setting. To have the opportunity to learn together in nature, greenhouses, and garden beds. We want CHCA students to learn to be good stewards of earth, while caring for its plants and animals. We wholeheartedly believe the school-age years should be enriching and fulfilling. 

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A Front-Row Seat
Introduction to the Seven Days of Prayer 

Dr. Ronny Raines 

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Clarksville    

Standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon is breathtaking. Seeing a Space Shuttle blast off is inspiring. Dipping your toes into the Gulf of Mexico is refreshing. Having a front-row seat as God works is amazing.    


What do we see God doing around us? 


People are being saved by God's grace. Missionaries are being sent to the nations. God is calling boys and girls and men and women to surrender their lives and serve Him in vocational ministry. Three years ago, the Lord revealed His vision to a wife, mother, and educator, and she obeyed, leading to the birth of a local Christian school...Chapel Hill Christian Academy. I'm thankful that Sara Hendrix's "yes" was on the table.      


Here's my point. If we look around with spiritual eyes, we see the true and living God at work. Chapel Hill is a living testimony of visionary leadership, kingdom partnership, and biblical education. As a local pastor, and as someone who shares devotions at the school regularly, Chapel Hill is a gift from the Lord.

Here are five challenges for you related to Chapel Hill: 

1. Pray for the School. God moves when His people pray. I appeal for you to pray for Sara, the school's board members, the staff team, and the students. May Chapel Hill always fulfill God's kingdom agenda! 


2. Be a Generous Supporter. The present and future needs of Chapel Hill require sacrifice. You'll have planned opportunities to financially support the school's vision. May Chapel Hill benefit from your financial investment!  


3. Expect God to Work. God uses young people. Champions for the gospel are being educated and trained at Chapel Hill. Inside the many classrooms are future pastors, missionaries, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and entrepreneurs. May God use Chapel Hill's students and faculty to change the world! 


4. Stay Focused on Jesus. The school will face the enemy's attacks. He desires to disrupt the school's mission and vision. As in the past, and what is evident in the present, leaders must keep their eyes on Jesus. May Chapel Hill follow in the footsteps of Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20)!          


5. Lean into God's Future. Chapel Hill has a strong reputation in the community. The school's testimony shouts God's faithfulness. The hour is now to lean into God's future. As you move forward, please remember, nothing is impossible with God. May the best days for Chapel Hill be yet to come!

As a local pastor, I'm thankful that we're kingdom partners with Chapel Hill. In order to raise up the next generation, and in order to overcome spiritual lostness and make disciples, we must have united families, strong schools, and healthy churches. 

Chapel Hill, I'm thankful that I have a front-row seat to see God working in and through you.  

I'm praising God for you, and I'm cheering you on as God reveals His next steps for the school. 

But Jesus looked at them and said,  

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Matthew 19:26

We are growing into the vision God has given us. 
Chapel Hill's Strategic Planning Goals
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