Bibles in Class!!

YES!! Bibles in class! 👍📖😍

From the very beginning of this journey, I knew God gave the vision of students being able to open their Bibles in class and learn his word and make connections as they are in science, math, history, or reading class. When we first met with TDOE last summer, they asked what kind of school we were wanting to start to determine which category it needed to be and the first thing I said was, " A school where they bring their Bibles with them to class and open them to read and study God's word"... and here we are today!!

Would you consider donating a Bible to a child that will attend CHCA?

By covering the cost of this Bible, we are also asking for you to commit in praying for that child, who will learn and grow in their relationship with God each day. Prayer for students is vitally important in culture today. Prayer is a way to influence students to make wise choices and excel in their studies, praying for God to ignite a desire to spend time learning more about who He is and His love for them.

Each Bible donated will also have a label placed on the inside with the name of the donor, sharing with the children the name of the person or family who is praying for them.

We already have a Bible for each of our PreK-Kindergarten students! We have selected the Bible we would like for our 1st through 5th graders to have. We are praying for 50 people to donate a Bible so that each child will receive one.

Click here to purchase this Bible through Amazon and have it shipped right to us, then please email or gift message through Amazon to let us know your name, your favorite verse, or a short message that we can share with that child!

Thank you so much for considering this donation, but most of all- THANK YOU for praying for these students!! Chapel Hill Christian Academy

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