We need you...

As we continue to pursue the launch of Chapel Hill Christian Academy, it might be easy to view the start of a new school during times like this as impossible or with little hope of really happening. We are right in the middle of so many unknowns, but what we do know is that God is in this- God has brought CHCA from the pages of a prayer journal to fruition, even during the midst of a pandemic. What a crazy, hard time to start... it would be so easy for the enemy to stop the launch of this school through this time and through all sorts of excuses. But GOD. Right! BUT GOD. We want you to know that our desire, our prayer and pursuit to know Him better and to be able to share his love and truths with children through our school has never been stronger. To create a space where students can receive an incredible education to prepare them for their future and a school that partners with families to build the foundation and nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ- all in one.

We have students enrolling, we have families committing and saying, YES!! We have a building ready to welcome us and we believe God will continue providing for HIS school, through people like you! Let's Launch CHCA!! We can do this! Even in a time when we aren't able to meet face to face, host interest meetings together, or tour the campus in person- we still see God growing CHCA and we believe with our whole heart that God has already placed the desire to help on your heart too. He has already made the way!

Today is Giving Tuesday Now! #GivingTuesdayNow is a new global day of giving and unity that is taking place today, May 5, 2020. This is an opportunity for people to come together to help each other in light of COVID-19. We are here asking for your help.

There are two ways you can partner with us today:


Please pray to God that He would…

  • Stir the hearts of the families that will enroll- for the students and parents to crave a different type of education and then act on that desire

  • Strongly enable the board and Head of School to lead in wisdom and grace toward the completion of its Mission Statement.

  • Graciously provide more of our friends and encouragers to link arms with us in prayer and in cheerful giving to this school.

  • Start building or continue growing the foundation of love and relationship with Jesus that each student will develop, one that is intimate and just as unique as each child.

  • Solidly equip our teachers to set their sites on God as the ultimate end of education and acknowledge Him in all their ways.

  • Release the funds to launch this school, so that we can begin preparing and growing disciples who will change the world around them.

Thank you for adding our school to your prayer list.


In order to launch Chapel Hill Christian Academy we need your help. This school will be made possible with the generosity of individuals, businesses and organizations contributing their resources in support of this vision.

CHCA is an independent, non-profit corporation and we take no money from the government. As such, we have no governing body to provide taxes or tithes, and yet, God has provided what we need. If you desire to see CHCA come to fruition- we need your help in fundraising the costs to launch our school! Every dollar makes a difference in the startup of this school.

Will you prayerfully consider giving a special gift to

Chapel Hill Christian Academy?

Thank you for believing in CHCA! We are so grateful you have chosen to partner with us in bringing this vision of a Biblically saturated and Christ centered school to Clarksville! 

With a grateful heart,

Sara Hendrix

CHCA Head of School

“Out of all that we know, may we know God himself the best.

Out of all the knowledge and wisdom we gain from Scripture, may our highest pursuit be a true, intimate, knowledge of its Author.

Out of all the earth-shattering works set before us, may we know the God whom we serve. 

And at the end of our days, may our lives be chiefly marked by a true, passionate, intimate relationship with our heavenly Father.”

Distinctively Christian. Academically Excellent. Biblically Saturated.

Clarksville, Tennessee | 931.553.3656 | info@chapelhillchristianacademy.com