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Looking Ahead at the 23-24 School Year


Over the past year, we have operated as one school in two locations. We are excited to announce Chapel Hill is planning to come back together under one roof again! Chapel Hill's PreK-8th grade and Hybrid Homeschool Program will be located at the Hilldale Madison Street Campus starting with the 2023-2024 school year! Even better news is that this building's size offers room for continued growth over the next 5 years! HBC's pastoral leadership and trustees have also approved and began planning for the addition of a playground as well!


"Hilldale is so excited to welcome the whole CHCA family to our campus next year! What God is doing through you is nothing short of amazing, and we count it a privilege to be a small part of that journey."- Pastor Larry Robertson



I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Living Hope Baptist Church! We are incredibly grateful to Pastor Derek Smith, LHBC's Trustees, Deacons and Pastoral Staff for believing in Chapel Hill, for your generous partnership, and for the support you and your staff have given to our administrators, teachers, students!


At the beginning of this journey in 2019, I prayed for God to prepare a place- to show us the location of His school. I didn't know where God was going to bring us, but I just kept thanking him for that place. "Wherever it is God, I know you have chosen it already. I know you are preparing it for us." When launching in 2020, I never would have imagined God would grow our school to this point so quickly, where we have outgrown the facilities at Living Hope, but we are planning on leaving Chapel Hill's first home with such gratitude and joy.


"It has been our joy to be the launching church for this incredible vision the Lord originally placed in the heart of Mrs. Sara! With all the great teachers, administrators, and families of Chapel Hill it is not hard to believe that the school has outgrown the Living Hope facility in just 3 short years. It is also such a special thing to have 3 sister churches partner together along with Chapel Hill to reach the next generation for Christ. Thank you for allowing us to help you get started and we can't wait to see all that God does through Chapel Hill in the years to come!"  - Pastor Derek Smith


It is incredible that the place He chose for our school to launch was the same church I grew up in as a little girl. Years ago, the name was Little Hope Church because it was said that at the time of its establishment in 1869, a Baptist church here had "little hope" of surviving. “Little hope”, I think about these words and how in the world's view, some might have thought that trying to start a new school in the middle of a global pandemic had “little hope”. I believe this is the exact time He knew people would need Him more than ever. 

I also want to send a special thank you to First Baptist of Clarksville. They have graciously extended our timeline again to be able to continue meeting at the FBC location this year. First Baptist housed our school in 2020 and again now, each when we have been in a time of need. Each church we have partnered with has shown us God's grace and love. We are extremely grateful to FBC for their hospitality and eagerness to continue partnering with CHCA. While this is not what we had planned, we are incredibly grateful for the consistency and environment this location will and has offered our teachers and students.


"As pastor of First Baptist Church, we’re thankful to have Chapel Hill on our campus. We’re kingdom partners. The school and the church exist to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. It’s imperative that we reach, disciple, and educate the next generation for gospel engagement. Our city and community need champions for Jesus. Chapel Hill, we’re thankful to stand with you!" - Dr. Ronny Raines

Last but not least, I want to thank our CHCA Families for your prayers over this process, your continued support, and encouragement for our administration, teachers, and staff throughout these changes. I believe with my whole heart that only God could do this... we are so in awe of His provision and His faithfulness throughout this journey.

-Mrs. Sara Hendrix


Preparing the Hilldale Campus

In order for CHCA to move locations, we are first working on renovations and the installation of a sprinkler system to the 61,000 sq. foot facility! We are also working on adding a playground, new paint in all of the rooms, new flooring, and more! 

We are so grateful to the Hilldale Pastors and Trustees for their excitement and belief in bringing CHCA to their church home. 

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