Hybrid Homeschool

Hybrid homeschooling is an option Chapel Hill Christian Academy would like to offer to families who have chosen to educate their children through homeschooling. This was created out of parents’ desires to both homeschool and send their children to a physical school. This is an educational model where children split their time between homeschool and our school. Participating children will be registered with the state as homeschoolers.


We understand each child is uniquely designed by God and has distinct gifts, talents, and abilities. As we become caringly involved with each student and with each family, we will be able to meet needs, encourage and bring out the most in every child. Chapel Hill Christian Academy provides a strong academic program in a caring, Christian environment.

2021-2022 Courses

We are excited to offer a full day of learning for your child! Hybrid Homeschool is an option parents can choose for their child to join CHCA for the entire day, including Chapel, their courses, an Art class, lunch, and of course, recess!


Hybrid Homeschool students are grouped into a 2nd-3rd grade class and a 5th - 6th grade class with 4th graders having the option to choose between the two. Each class will have an average of 12 students in each.  Hybrid Homeschool courses will take place on our campus every Thursday with assignments to complete throughout the rest of the week at home. 


  • Science- Life Science: Biology and Introduction to Botany

  • History- The Story of the World


Our homeschool students will start off their day with Chapel along with our other CHCA students! Chapel at our school is a time to come together to praise and worship our Father, for all students to have the opportunity to pray with one another, and to learn who Jesus is, centering our day around Him. 


After Chapel students will begin their first course, either Science or History. After finishing their first course, students will have lunch and enjoy our Fine Arts class. Afterwards, students will participate in their 2nd course, along with a time of outdoor learning and recess!


As we finish our day together, CHCA takes intentional time to end in a time of reflection and gratitude. Our goal is to cultivate gratitude in our students by keeping a “gratitude journal” in which they will regularly record the things for which they’re grateful. This time of gratitude helps reach the heart of our students and inspire them to be the woman or man of God they are made to be, while strengthen their awareness of God’s presence in their lives and the power of prayer.


Tuition and Fees

21-22 Course Tuition

  • Hybrid Homeschool: $1300

    • Multiple Siblings Discount: CHCA does offer a multiple child discount. A 10% discount is offered for the second child and a 5% discount for each additional child.

Hybrid Homeschool Lab/Materials Fee $50.00

  •  This fee is due after acceptance into CHCA 

Hybrid Homeschool Enrollment/Re-enrollment Fee $100.00

  •  This fee is due after acceptance into CHCA or when our current students are re-enrolling.

Hybrid Homeschool Application Fee $50.00

  • This fee is only for new students and must accompany the application prior to additional admission procedures. 

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