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Welcome to Chapel Hill's Upper School
Distinctively Christian Education for Middle and High School

We are leading the next generation of police officers, doctors, missionaries, teachers, pastors, and business owners. We wholeheartedly believe the middle and high school-age years should be enriching and fulfilling. We opened in 2020, PK-5th grade and we are continuing to grow our school with our oldest class! Our dream is to see our oldest students graduating from CHCA in 2028. It is our desire to train them up both academically and spiritually, so that we may send them out to love and serve their city and beyond.


Our faculty and staff work daily to provide a variety of activities to meet individual needs and make the learning environment challenging, exciting, and successful. Our classrooms are filled with real learning and genuine excitement to pursue understanding. With an average class size of 15 students, teachers minister to the whole child, enriching students spiritually, intellectually and socially, helping each child establish their unique identity in Christ. The curriculum includes a well-balanced range of academic subjects with a Biblical worldview. 

At Chapel Hill, our parents, students, and teachers are working together to build a school we love. 

Portrait of a Graduate
Parents and teachers describe our Chapel Hill Graduates.

"A CHCA Graduate is a capable, well rounded student- one who is confident, models initiative/motivation, sound judgment, and a heart to serve Jesus."

"A CHCA Graduate takes pride in their Christian education and feel passionate about telling others where they received their high school education." #golions

"A CHCA Graduate knows Jesus in a personal way. Their relationships

 demonstrate that they belong to Him through the way they talk, walk and present themselves before others."

"A CHCA Graduate has confidence & humility – the ability to speak up for themselves and advocate for others when needed but also the wisdom and humility to consider other’s point of view and understand that learning is a life-long endeavor and listening is oftentimes much more important than speaking."

"A CHCA Graduate is resilient to bounce back after setbacks or challenging situations. He or She knows the Lord and His endless love for them. They are able to persevere in the face of obstacles academically and personally."

"A CHCA Graduate will have grown and accepted a biblical worldview to navigate the challenges the world will present to them. Our graduates will have developed the study habits and knowledge required to enter their college or career of choice."

Shared Vision... at Home and at School.

"My hope for a Chapel Hill graduate would be that they enter into what can be a blurry world, with clear vision as to how to defend and share their faith, confidently pursue God’s plan for their lives, and simply make this world a better place to live in.  I pray that they feel the desire to be strong leaders, loving family members, proud believers, and individuals who impact their communities in positive ways. "

-Chapel Hill Parent

Welcome to Upper School at Chapel Hill


It is with great excitement that I welcome you to another wonderful year at Chapel Hill Christian Academy!  What a true honor it is to serve as Upper School Principal.  I cannot think of a more beautiful place to be given the opportunity to partner with families in the growth and development of their children.  The students, faculty, and families at CHCA hold such a special place in my heart, and I am so excited to continue this journey together!     I pray we never take for granted the testimony of His faithfulness that Chapel Hill truly is.  There is no question that we have the most devoted and selfless faculty members who pour their gifts and talents into our students each and every day.  The unwavering support of our families and the Chapel Hill community are unmatched.  Through these partnerships and His provision, we are developing the foundation of His school.  I pray that Chapel Hill’s legacy is one that is lasting and impactful beyond our days.  It is by no mistake that He has brought each one of us here to partner in this kingdom adventure, and may we never take that for granted.      As we continue to grow our Upper School into the high school grade levels, I am so excited for all of the amazing opportunities that are ahead for our students!  From deepening their Biblical knowledge & personal relationships with Christ, to growing their character, expanding academic course offerings, adding mission & service opportunities, additional athletic programs, as well as extracurricular offerings, I am so proud of the continued development of our Upper School program.  I look forward to challenging our students to continue their personal growth & leadership, as they focus on our school values of integrity, discipleship, excellence, stewardship, authenticity, and impact.  Did I mention how much fun we are going to have?!  Get ready for an incredible year, Upper School!    Again, I am honored to partner with you this year.  Please join me in praying for a safe and successful school year.  A year where we remember the words of Matthew 5:16, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”   As my pastor reminds us each week.. let us be open and willing for Him to work in us, through us, for the world around us.  Let’s have the best year, CHCA!    ​ Kayla Morgan

Our Lower and Upper Schools are Accredited!

Chapel Hill Christian Academy is accredited by the

Tennessee Association of Christian Schools (TACS) and COGNIA.

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