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CHCA Student Life

We wholeheartedly believe the school-age years should be enriching and fulfilling. CHCA is a school that is faith based and Spirit filled- one where students can receive an incredible education to prepare them for their future, but even better than that- this is a place where we are growing disciples who will change the world around them. 


It is important to us that this school serves our community and our world

with a discipleship focus.


CHCA is mission and service oriented with a desire for this school to be a place that cultivates lifelong learners who are shaping and influencing this world for Christ. All students will be encouraged to develop wisdom, discernment, love for learning, and a heart for service.

  • CHCA is an interdenominational, independent Christian school.

  • Our school represents one community of followers of Christ. 


CHCA's Growth Year by Year

  • 2020-2021:

    • We opened the doors in August 2020 with 120 students

    • 12 classrooms, Pre-K3 through 5th + Hybrid Homeschool

    • 25 faculty/staff members


    • 2021-2022:

      • In our second year, we grew into 167 students, 125 families

      • 16 classrooms, Pre-K3 through 6th + Hybrid Homeschool

      • 35 faculty/staff members


    • 2022-2023:

      • expanding into two campuses, Lower School Campus at LHBC and Upper School Campus at HBC

      • adding two Principals, Dr. Shari Tharpe and Mrs. Emily Lindsey

      • growing our student body to 282 students, 207 families

      • 24 classrooms, Pre-K3 through 7th + Hybrid Homeschool

      • 55 Faculty/Staff members

  • 2023-2024

    • One Location! Lower, Upper, and Hybrid Homeschool are at our new Hilldale Campus

    • growing our student body to 342 students

    • 29 classrooms, Pre-K3 through 8th + Hybrid Homeschool

    • 59 Faculty/Staff members

  • 2024-2025

    • We will add 9th grade! We will offer PK3-9th for Full Time Students and Hybrid Homeschool will add 10th!​

    • All Programs will be located at the Hilldale Campus

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