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Spiritual Life at Chapel Hill Christian Academy

The mission of Chapel Hill Christian Academy is to assist families in the teaching of their children by providing an education that is distinctively Christian, academically excellent,  Biblically saturated, Christ glorifying, and service and mission oriented.

Chapel Hill Christian Academy students learn in a family-like environment where they are valued and nurtured. We understand each child is uniquely designed by God and has distinct gifts, talents, and abilities. The elementary years are foundational to developing a life-long relationship with Jesus. Our goal is to introduce our students to the person of Jesus Christ and to help them find a true and loving relationship with Him. 

Our classrooms will be filled with real learning and genuine excitement! With an average class size of 15 students, teachers will be able to minister to the whole child, seeking to enrich students spiritually, intellectually and socially, helping each child establish his or her unique identity in Christ. 

Starting and ending each day with God will be our priority, that is why we began our school name with Chapel. Students will gather together for Chapel each morning, where we will have a time of prayer and worship. Our day together will conclude with a time of gratefulness and reflection- looking at the ways God is moving in our lives and how we can share Him with others. 

Students will also receive daily Bible instruction and every opportunity will be taken during the course of the day to share and apply Biblical truths. This is a place where students open their Bibles in class to read and study the word of God through scripture and apply it across the curriculum.

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