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Meeting the Individual Needs of Students

Chapel Hill is committed to meeting the diverse needs of our students. Meeting the individual needs of the students at Chapel Hill is essential for maximizing their unique potential and fostering a love for learning. Personalized support enhances academic success, emotional and social development, and prepares students for future challenges. It also creates an inclusive environment where all students feel valued and motivated, leading to better engagement and a positive school experience. Prioritizing individual needs ensures that every student thrives both academically and personally.


Our Student Support Team focuses on supporting students and teachers with academic intervention, enrichment, behavior supports, progress tracking, and data analysis throughout both Lower and Upper School. Mrs. Bobbie Verbist, our Student Support Coordinator, works closely with the Classroom Teachers, Principals, and Head of School to lead the Student Support Staff, Behavioral Specialist, Reading Specialists, and Math Specialists. This team of supports also play a key role in improving students' intervention programs, enrichment activities, and small group sessions. Additionally, while this team ensures students' needs are being met, they also provide professional development for teachers to enhance their skills in academic intervention, enrichment, small group instruction, differentiation, and behavior support strategies.

"Our students are unique image-bearers of Christ."
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As we embark on another school year together, I am thrilled to serve as the Student Support Coordinator at Chapel Hill! Our students are unique image-bearers of Christ, and my hope is that all the students of CHCA feel welcomed, known, cared for, and supported within our school walls. I look forward to working with the students, families, and teachers to provide the necessary resources and support to address academic, social, and emotional needs. The mission of Chapel Hill Christian Academy is to partner with families in the teaching of their children by providing an education that is distinctively Christian, academically excellent, Biblically saturated, and service and mission oriented. This mission resonates deeply with me, and I look forward to upholding and advancing these values in my role. As an educator, I love that we are preparing our future graduates to go out into the workforce as leaders and ambassadors for Christ. As a parent of a Chapel Hill student, I find great comfort in knowing that not only is my child receiving a strong academic foundation, but they are also learning how to love and serve others throughout the community. I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing school family, and I look forward to a year filled with growth, learning, praise, and fun!

Mrs. Bobbie Verbist

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