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In order to launch Chapel Hill Christian Academy we need your help. This school will be made possible with the generosity of individuals, businesses and organizations contributing their resources in support of this vision.

CHCA is an independent school without formal affiliation to a church or denomination. We are non-public, non-profit corporation and take no money from the government. As such, we have no governing body to provide taxes or tithes, and yet, God has provided what we need.

School Startup- Help Us Launch

If you desire to see CHCA come to fruition- we need your help in fundraising the costs to launch our school! Every dollar makes a difference in the startup of this school. Christian higher education is among the most influential means for raising up leaders who will impact the world. We exist to cultivate lifelong learners who, with wisdom and beauty, shape and influence their world for Christ.

For more information on investing in the foundation and future of CHCA:

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