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Our First Interest Meeting

On Saturday, April 4th we hosted our very first Chapel Hill Christian Academy Interest Meeting! When first brainstorming for our first interest meeting, we never imagined it being a virtual Facebook Live type of meeting, but we also weren't expecting to pursue launching a new school during a pandemic! Right?! So, in order to continue sharing details about the school and to hear your questions, we went ahead with a virtual option through our Facebook page!

We were so excited as the date for this meeting came closer- families were sending in their questions, words of encouragement, and sweet prayers over the school! As I was sitting down to prepare, I could feel so many different emotions- excitement, gratefulness, nervousness, joy- it was a wide range of feelings as I was getting ready to share with families this beautiful gift that God is allowing us to be a part of!

We began our Interest Meeting with praise and prayer, just like how we will start our days at CHCA with Chapel. Our priority is starting and ending each day focused around Him. Emma Feldman led us all in worship through the song "The Blessing" as we felt it was so fitting for the place and time we are in right now. We chose this song as a prayer over our city, our families, and our children.

First up after our "Chapel" time, we started by sharing the mission and heart of Chapel Hill Christian Academy. It is important to us that we share the purpose of the school- why are we pursuing launching a new Christian school? Then, our Kindergarten teacher, Laughrie Tucker shared her heart and passion for teaching! It is so exciting to hear her speak about what her kindergarten class will be like-centers, play, phonics and reading comprehension integrated into all subjects, hands-on and whole brain learning!

Afterwards, our Hybrid Homeschool Director, Becky Krueckeburg shared about her passion for homeschooling and how this journey began for her family! She also shared details about our Hybrid Homeschool option for families looking for a course in Science or History!

We finished up our Interest Meeting by sharing the impact of COVID-19 on our launch and pursuit of being able to start this fall! We also highlighted the exciting news about our tuition (YES!! We have made a private education more affordable than ever), and we spent the last few minutes answering the questions that you all had about CHCA! For a list of those questions and our answers, please scroll down!

If you weren't able to join us live, or if you would like to view it again, we have the recorded version above!

Interest Meeting Q/A

Chapel Hill’s calling is to be a school that assists families in the teaching of their children by providing an education that is distinctively Christian, academically excellent, Biblically saturated, Christ glorifying, and service and mission oriented. CHCA is an interdenominational K-5 Christian school located in Clarksville, Tennessee. A school that is faith based and Spirit filled- one where students can receive an incredible education to prepare them for their future, as well as partner with families to build the foundation and nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ. Plain and simple, God showed me the need for a school where children can fall in love with Jesus.

Where did the name come from?

This is actually one of the very first details God gave us last spring, Chapel Hill CHristian Academy! Chapel- The meaning behind this word is the priority we will set on meeting with God each day. Chapel at our school will be a time to come together to praise and worship our Father, to pray with one another, and to learn who Jesus is, centering our day on Him. 

Hill- This word comes from Scripture, Matthew 5:14-16, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” I see this school as a place where we are preparing and growing disciples who will change the world around them. Not a bubble or a place to hide, but a place that prepares our children with the tools they need.

What kind of governing board do you have?

In order to have the school approved by ASCI and to hold our status  as a non-profit organization, it is necessary to have a governing board. We are still in the process of selecting 7-10 members and we are praying for a group of people who have a heart for this school. A group of people who are well rounded as a whole, including a variety of backgrounds, strengths, and talents. We are working to select a board that represents all communities in Clarksville. 

What is your admissions process and how much is your tuition?

First, we would like to invite you to take a look at our Admissions page on our website for a full scope of information, as well as fillable PDF’s for enrollment! Once you and your family have decided you would like to apply for enrollment, you will need to complete the CHCA Application. Once completed, please email your child's completed application to ​There is an Application Fee of $100.00, which is non-refundable and  payable online in our CHCA Marketplace. After completing your initial application, parents will be notified by the Admissions Office regarding a date and time for the Parent Interview with the Head of School and Board Member, as well as scheduling the student’s entrance exam. There are also 3 reference forms that will need to be completed and mailed to CHCA. The admissions committee will review all candidates for admission. Applicants will be notified of the decision of the admissions committee by email, phone or mail as soon as a decision has been made regarding acceptance. Parents will have 1 week to confirm enrollment. Once this process is completed your child will be an official CHCA student!

I am so glad you asked about our tuition! Financing an independent education is a major investment in your child's future; it requires planning and a strong commitment. CHCA is categorized as an independent, non-profit and we rely on donations and tuition. Our heart is to make a private education as affordable as possible to help meet the needs of our families.In response to the financial needs of our city as we continue to see the impact of COVID-19, we have set our tuition at just below $500 a month. A full year of tuition is $5,940 for our full-time student. We also offer discounts for paying in full, as well as for multiple children! Make sure to take a look at our Tuition page for more information on dates and fees. 

When are applications for the 20-21 school year due?

In order to launch this fall, we are looking to have an idea of how many students will be enrolled by May 15th. We will continue to pray through the impact of COVID on our launch and trust God's timing and provision for the school.

How are you going to meet the needs with students who qualify for an IEP or have a diagnosis?

Each child’s needs are evaluated prior to acceptance. We would work with each family individually to determine if CHCA is the right fit to develop each student’s academic, physical, and emotional needs.

How are you planning to diversify your student body?

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14. Chapel Hill Christian Academy is a school where we want all His children to come to HIM.  Regardless of church background or affiliation, our vision is to include all backgrounds to aid parents in bringing up their children with “training and admonition of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4 It is our heart that CHCA, everything from the student body to teachers to Board represents Clarksville and all of its communities. This is also true for the curriculum we have chosen, ensuring it is well rounded and holds a biblically based view. I see this school as a place where we are preparing and growing disciples who will change the world around them. Not a bubble or a place to hide, but a place that prepares our children with the tools they need. 

Are there any plans for a school building and if so, do you plan to stay around exit 11?  What is your long term vision for the school (more grade levels, etc...)?

Yes!  We would love to have our own facilities where our students could grow academically and physically. Our plan throughout the next 3-5 years is to lease a location right off exit 11 until funds are available to purchase land and build our own facility.(Look for an announcement about our location soon!)  Ideally, it would be in the heart of Sango around the exit 11 area. The long-term vision is to include grade levels PreK-12. We would definitely need our own facilities in order to grow out our vision including all grade levels. We would need adequate facilities to offer students a variety of coursework, clubs, sports, etc  to prepare them to be college and career ready. 

Is your school accredited? 

CHCA will be a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI) in order to open their doors! Over the next 3 years we will work through an intenses 3 year accreditation process with ASCI. 

Ideally, what would your class size be (both now and in the future?)

We want to always be below the state mandate for public school.  Current State guidelines are K-3 an average of 20 and 4th – 5th grade an average of 25 students.  Class size is always dependent upon enrollment, however, we would cap K-3 classes at 12 students and 4-5 classes at 15 students. In the facilities we are looking to lease the first 3-5 years, class sizes will be reduced to 8-12 students per class. 

Who will be teaching the chapel portion of school? One person or a variety of people?

Chapel at our school is a time to come together to praise and worship our Father, for all students to have the opportunity to pray with one another, and to learn who Jesus is, centering our day around Him. We invite guest speakers or faculty members whom God will use to be a catalyst for a deeper passion for our students. Speakers often address how faith has made an impact in their lives and challenge students to do the same.  Additionally, each member of our faculty and administration is dedicated to making every activity on campus an opportunity to grow our students into the people God has created them to be. Chapel at CHCA is a time to inspire and encourage students to go out and make a difference in their world.  Along with morning Chapel, students will receive daily Bible instruction, and every opportunity will be taken during the course of the day to share and apply Biblical Truth. As we finish our day together, CHCA takes intentional time to end in a time of reflection and gratitude. It is important for our administration, faculty, and students to take time to reflect on the goodness of God and how He is working in their lives. Our goal is to cultivate gratitude in our students by keeping a “gratitude journal” in which they will regularly record the things for which they’re grateful. This time of gratitude helps reach the heart of our students and inspire them to be the woman or man of God they are made to be, while strengthening their awareness of God’s presence in their lives and the power of prayer.

Will there be related arts type of classes? 

Yes! We plan on having PE, Art, Music, Library, and a Bible Class for Related Arts. Students will also have an outdoor learning experience as often as possible! It is important to CHCA that students have the opportunity not just during the Related Arts time, but throughout each day, to be creative since arts are embedded in the daily curriculum. 

How will lunch be provided?

Students at CHCA are asked to bring their own lunch and snack. We will not offer a hot lunch, but we will take this time to eat together as a class indoors, but hopefully outside as much as possible! 

If you have a question or area you would like more information about, please feel free to email


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